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Sitting on your deck, watching a rainstorm rolling across the mountain valley towards you.

You see the flashes of lightning, followed by the boom of the the coming thunder…

Yet for the first time in years, you are not worried by the thoughts of a sudden downpour.

You know your home and property are now protected from unnecessary washouts, flash flooding and stormwater drainage problems.

They laughed at you when you first told your family and friends that you wanted to have your land professionally graded and contoured.

But as the storm breaks and the heavy rain starts to thunder down, you sit back and smile…the erosion controls you’ve got now work great.

You know right now everyone in your neighborhood wished they had hired the folks at Jenkins Excavating to handle the storm water problems you used have!

Why Hire Jenkins Excavating?

We are the “Dirt Guys” and that means ALL things dirt…

Excavating, hauling, utility trenches, basements, footings, driveways, slabs/pads. We dig, we haul, we can do it all. Call 1-(828)-713-3855 to protect your home and property with professional grading from Jenkins Excavating.

Our Projects

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Here at Jenkins Excavating, we can help you with your next earthmoving or grading project...no matter how big or how small.

We understand that every earth-moving project has three objectives: it must be done right, done on time and done within budget.

Over past two decades, we have seen almost everything, so we can help you with almost anything soil related.

So if you need real professional help then call us (Jenkins Excavating) at 1-828-713-3855.